The fog descends. It’s raining again, and the maximum is 9 degrees.    I go out to explore.


Looking over the rooftops

Today was grey. The town centre is busy though, and the flower stalls in Market Square pop with unexpected colour. To see all the wreaths and traditional Christmas plants is so exciting, and I have to fight the urge to buy one of everything.

Down the Main street is the German Christmas Market, which is matched in appearance only by the scent of German sausages, crepes and candied nuts wafting down the mall.

FLower Markets

A flower stall in Market Square

By 3.30pm it’s starting to get dark, and I head home from town, excited to have found the gluten-free section of Marks & Spencer’s Food Hall in my wanderings. The prospect of a cup of tea, gf scone, and my book is almost overwhelming; After 13 very exciting and very busy days, some down time is much needed.

I arrive to a quiet, darkened house, with only one or two others home: perfect for an afternoon of rest. It’s a new experience, living with 10 people in one house. To be in a room by yourself becomes a strange memory, of some quieter time when yourself and your 3 younger siblings ran laps of the kitchen shrieking with laughter, or you played Cards Against Humanity with a roomful of actors… ah, the serenity.

You adapt, though, and become very good at falling back asleep during the night! Suddenly, you relish any opportunity to use the washing machine, or the stove (what is happening to me?!). And the kitchen really is the heart of our cast house, preparing meals together, making tea, practising ship-related phrases and English (or Russian, or French).

I had a chance to sort through some photos today too, and am mid-designing my cabin wall for when we get on the ship. When all the prints I ordered arrive I’ll put up a sneak peak, but for now, here’s one from London two weeks ago – I finally got around to looking through these!

Gate at Buckingham Palace (1)

Visiting Buckingham Palace

It’s been great to rest and reset today, and I’m looking forward to this coming week of song and dance! All my love to those at home, I’m missing you all,


M x


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