Music & Dance

One week into writing and I’m already a day or two behind! In my defence, I didn’t get a day off over the weekend, having been involved in a side-project for the day.

It meant that I was to dance with some of the professional dancers from 2/3 casts, which, to be honest, petrified me as I walked into the rehearsal room on Saturday evening. But I held my own and had an absolute ball – my goodness they’re incredible to be partnered with! I was in a lifting pair too, which basically is a ‘partner-dance-trick’ to all my non-dancers reading. Ours was a cartwheel-esque lift, which meant I stood in a star frame and was spun around as though I had done a cartwheel and put straight back on my feet. Rather exhilarating (until the bruises hit, but all worth it). I should note also that it’s much harder work for the man.. thank you Pasha!

Every other day this week has been filled with music.


A common scene on Music Revision days

So much music. It marks the passing of time. We wake up, someone has an iPod going while they’re in the shower. Breakfast in the kitchen, the revision of a song or dance. Arrival at the studios, and it is everywhere: a ballet class, a vocal warm-up, a cast running their shows. Our cast, learning more and more. We are 4 shows in now, and the focus this week will be putting them on the floor.

Just to be clear, that is not a complaint; I love it! But at the moment I think my head is so full of songs that if I try to fit another I will explode!

When we aren’t in the studios we’re normally travelling to and from them, or to one of the many nearby supermarkets. There are so many here! Aldi, Asda, Tescos, Morrisons, Waitrose… the list goes on! And they all have a very clear rank of pricing, which I find… odd. But I am talking about grocery shopping, sorry! Far more interesting is the park which we walk through to the dance studios:


It’s stunning, and one of these days I’ll get a picture that does it some justice. Until then, you have this. And my instagram, which gets the odd snap of our walking route, or of my face when interesting things happen.

I am planning to make a trip out of town on my day off this weekend, so hopefully will have some “tourist-Marita” pics for you!


M x





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