Today was my first day to myself since landing in England almost 2 weeks ago. The time has flown, but in some ways it feels like this has been routine for longer than that. The work is wonderful, and the people amazing, but I will write about that another day!

I walked into the town centre down the main road, we’re only 1.4miles away. It’s so windy today, not cold particularly, but the breeze cuts through everything; I have a new appreciation for hoods.

If I had an image of a typical English day in my mind before I arrived, it would have been today. The sky is grey, and the pavement scattered with big, auburn leaves. It feels like it could rain any second, but I have my jacket with its hood so I walk on fearlessly. I could swear that two weeks ago, a sky like today’s would spell the cancellation of any plans, and the feeling that nothing was possible. I think, perhaps, because we are so spoilt by beautiful blue skies in Queensland. Though it is definitely beautiful here, only in a different way.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 2.42.48 am

I walked past one of the old boot factories, a huge building that is about to be re-leased. I’m a little sad for it – these factories are the ones that the musical Kinky Boots is based on; this is the town! For my Australian friends currently in the audition process, I will have to take a photo next time I walk past, when I have a phone again.

On that, it was strange to leave home today with no way of contacting anyone, or being contacted. I’d no way of telling the time, either, as I have no watch, and would usually rely on my phone. So I wandered around and found things the old-fashioned way, by asking and reading signs; I did still manage to find my way to plenty of shops… some things are just in-built I guess. And now I own a watch!

I’m adjusting to the cold better than I expected to, even when it is – 1 celsius, and I am learning a few Russian words and phrases, thanks to our dancers, and practising my French with Karine, the other female singer in our cast. Life is sometime like a big game of charades in the house, particularly today, as all the other English speakers have gone to London, but it is wonderful. Last night we all cooked together and had some of the other casts’ dancers over, and everyone sat around the kitchen talking and making toasts (which, if Russian, means vodka shots)! I opted out after about the second or third, there is no keeping up with them!

I’m having a great time, being kept very busy and rather exhausted but absolutely loving it! I have no idea how often I will write, but I was taken by the urge today, so here you are, my day off in Northampton.

Thanks for reading, and all my love to those at home!

M x





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