Site Office

The Site Office for the construction across the road is up two storeys. On a ladder.

That is, you have to climb a ladder onto scaffolding above the building site to reach it. Quite a shrewd idea, I suppose, if you’re developing on a popular suburban street. The kind of street where you dress for Melbourne and parade your pooch (not a euphemism). Yes, the not-quite-inner-city-Brisbane ‘suburban chic’ culture virtually oozes from the pavement.

Hence the logic in having ones’ site office halfway up a tree, across a muddy plateau. What self-respecting socialite is going to dirty her pumps trekking across the dirt, to have her scarf and hair unceremoniously whipped about her head in order to make it known that the noise of construction “is a little disruptive to the soothing ritual of the mid-morning coffee-”

… Excuse me for a moment.


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