How do you share moments of wonder with a person and not feel more connected to them, to the world?

I don’t think it’s possible. Is it?
Or perhaps I see mere ‘moments’ as ‘moments of wonder’. To turn around and catch someone grinning unabashedly, or to look up at each other and acknowledge an event, a moment. That’s what I find wonderful. Music lends itself to them. So does play, I think.

But perhaps I set too much store by these moments. I read more into them than I should. Would it be better to forget them as soon as they happen? To let them disappear back into the ether, a glimmering spark that flares and floats away?

How many moments does it take to form a thread, a rope, a tie? To link two people – as friends, lovers?

Do these moments even exist, or are they simply imagined?

M x


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