I’m ba-ack!

Hello! I’m sorry! I’m still here! I haven’t forgotten you! Please, forgive me?

It’s been weeks since I wrote something, and this feels like one of those awkward settings where you’re catching up with a good friend, but it’s been a little while, and you both feel like you should have done more to stay in touch in the time that’s elapsed since you last had lunch/coffee/whatever.

Except, it’s only me to blame this time, and we weren’t long-term friends, things were just starting to get good between us. And now I feel like I’ve let you down, so this is my post-where-I-come-crawling-back-and-hope-that-you’re-still-the-friend-I-was-starting-to-have.

Wow. Hyphens get annoying, sorry ’bout that.

So, what’s my excuse?
I plead auditions & re-settling into routine. It’s been a time of crazy and rewarding. Auditions for those shows I mentioned (in one of my ‘before’ posts) have been and gone – I’m still waiting to hear back about one of them (in the other I got the song/role I had wanted so hooray!), but I was really happy with how I prepared and performed in both of them so that’s a win, no matter the eventual outcome.

The university year has started back now and despite meaning an increase in the amount of ‘busy’ in life, it also means an increase in structure which is exciting, and will hopefully mean I don’t abandon this writing for extended periods of time.

So, in summary, Hi again! Happy Autumn, and I hope all is well!

One of the shows I have the privilege of being in this year (Image from http://www.last.fm)

One of the shows I have the privilege of being in this year (Image from http://www.last.fm)


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