Working Outdoors

I love spending time outdoors. Sun, breeze, views – who wouldn’t?

Often, for a change of scenery, I bring work outside – but a lot of my work isn’t quiet, sit-down work. It’s vocal, physical rehearsal, trying out voices, or learning lines, or talking to myself in character.

So you can begin to see the problem when I decide I’d like to go to the park for a while to get out of the white-walled, flouroscent-lit rehearsal room:

  • That crazy chick walking up & down talking to herself, then berating herself and dashing back to check a piece of paper on the ground?
  • The nutcase lying on the grass singing to herself?
  • Or the ‘couple’ who seem to be alternately yelling at each other and then laughing about it? Over and over?

Probably actors.

That’s not to say they aren’t crazy – I’m sure plenty of us are. And I do try to be as unobtrusive about this work as I can. But please don’t banish me back to the stuffy rehearsal room where my only stimulus is the sound of my own voice. Please, if you come across me muttering to myself about GenAm or talking to someone who isn’t there,  just look over, smile and think “you must be practicing for something”, and not the more obvious “you are a crazy nutcase.”

Because as it is, I get enough of that when I’m just being myself 😉

Working in the park

Working in the park


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