Adventures in Writing

Oh my goodness, it feels like forever since I wrote a post! It’s only been about 4 days but I’ve since gone back to work and routine and it’s like I’ve shifted dimensions. But in a good way (and a slightly sci-fi nerdy way).

I thrive on being busy. I love being an organiser and making lists and planning things and then seeing them come to fruition. Probably why I struggle at times with the unpredictable nature of theatre – but passion is unpredictable, or some such rubbish.

My hair, in front of my face.

My hair, in front of my face.

My thoughts today feel as unruly as my hair: I washed it a day ago but have since had it in a messy twist, played netball, gone to gym and gone for a swim and just let it dry. And I haven’t brushed it since Sunday or Monday.

That’s where my head’s at. Still in a good way.

And so some part of me thought “Hey, this feels like a great time to start writing!” And now you, poor reader, are stuck with a gabbling post about the adventures of my hair. (Not where I expected to end up, I admit).

Do you do that? Start writing without a specific aim and just see where it takes you? I love it – but sometimes it feels silly to share. So I’m being brave and sharing today’s flash of thought-crazy; let me know if you do something similar (or if you don’t!).

M x


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