Captain Planet

“Confidence & Courage”

~ E. R.

My motto for last year – coined by my mother in its early days – was ‘Confidence and Courage’. Two words to encapsulate all the fear associated with attempting anything which was important to me. I won’t tell you that repeating that little mantra was always useful – I’m trying not to lie. But sometimes it was.

“A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage.”

~ Sydney Smith

I came across this from Sydney Smith over the weekend & it stuck with me in the same way. As you know, I’m a performing artist, which entails that I get up in front of people a lot and give something of myself. It tends to leave you very open to criticism – constructive or otherwise – and you feel a little vulnerable. Actually, a lot.

This is how it feels sometimes:

When I’m up there, it’s like there’s a big hole in the middle of my chest showing all of who I am: strengths, weaknesses, the pretty & the ugly. And the ‘fear’ is that someone is going to come up and point to something they don’t like and laugh. Or make others laugh. Which really, when you write it like that, highlights how little it should affect me. I mean, they can’t tear bits out, right? Or rearrange anything.

So it’s all about how I let them affect how I view myself and think about myself. They can’t change anything. I can.

In the sage words of Captain Planet:

“The Power is Yours!”

How cool. Also, I think I just found my motto for 2014.


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