I am going to the beach tomorrow. I am very excited about this. So excited, in fact, that I have yet to pack so much as a pair of togs into my suitcase.

For that matter, I’m yet to actually get my suitcase out of the cupboard.

But I truly am excited to go to the beach. It’s my happy place. Soul home, whatever you’d like to call it. Expect a bit of writing. And pictures. Whenever I’m at the beach I love to walk: I walk and walk until I get taken by the urge to turn around and head back. If I feel like running, I do so, or rock climbing, or walking, or even singing. I find it’s one of the few places where there’s less pressure to be ‘logical’, or to act as a ‘normal’, everyday functioning human adult is expected to.

By that, I suppose I mean that in ‘real life’ there’s an invisible line of weirdness which we are trained to keep shy of as we develop from children to adults. We learn not to stop unexpectedly and observe our surroundings, or to simply stand and enjoy being outdoors, or indoors, or really to stand anywhere without having some purpose or reason for doing so. It’s a self-conscious world, and those who break from the norm are often branded strange, or fey, or creative (Hi, that’s me). But none of this is new, plenty of people write about this – check out Brain Pickings for far more eloquent dissertations – my point is this: try it sometime. Go be ‘weird’. It can be awesome. The beach is an excellent place for it, because it’s so BIG. You can see everyone taking the time to enjoy the world, and look out at something so much bigger than themselves. It’s fantastic thinking time too.

Predictably, I spend a lot of time thinking at the beach. Usually while walking. I think that’s why I’m so looking forward to going tomorrow: Yes, I adore spending the time in the sun, the surf and on the sand, but most of all I love feeling unrestrained and impulsive. I can throw myself into the waves, then lie down in the sun, then walk until my feet turn me around. Or maybe I’ll mix it up. But one thing’s for sure, I won’t know until it happens.

From a previous beach trip

From a previous trip


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